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ShowMyPC 3150

ShowMyPC 3150
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Nov 6, 2012
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ShowMyPC is a remote control utility that's designed to let you connect to another computer


ShowMyPC is a remote control utility that's designed to let you connect to another computer connected to the Internet and control it just like you'd be in front of the monitor.

Of course, the whole thing is a bit more complicated, and there are some requirements to be met, but ShowMyPC is quite easy to use.

First of all, the other user needs to run the application as well with the “Show My PC Now” option turned on.

Next, the second use has to hit the “View Remote PC” option and write down the password provided by the remote computer. No IP needed, no other information, just the password and you're ready to go.

How's that possible? Well, ShowMyPC relies on what's being called SSH port forwarding, so you won't need to input more information about the other computer besides the randomly generated password.

Unfortunately however, ShowMyPC is not all milk and honey.

We've tested the app on two Windows 7 computers and although the connection was established in just a few seconds, controlling the other machine was almost impossible. The connection was painfully slow and the remote delay reached five seconds in some cases, so it's pretty obvious that this is one of the areas to be improved in the future.

Another thing we'd like to be enhanced in the next versions is the interface. Although quite friendly, it shows advertisements right in the main window, and this might pretty well attract some unwanted clicks on the displayed links.

There are only a few options available, but once you establish a connection you can also send ALT and CTRL commands using dedicated tools, but also initialize file transfers on the go.

Overall, ShowMyPC is a must try for those who want to enjoy the goodies of remote controlling, but there's clearly room for improvements. Good thing it's free though.



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